Vehicle Moving

Moving Your Vehicle

Moving Your Vehicle

Moving across Canada or to the United States can burdensome to begin with.  Complications can arise when the need arises to also move cars, SUVs or small trucks.  Scannell Moving offers vehicle moving services that will allow you to transfer your vehicle.  Below are some considerations when deciding to move your car, truck or SUV:

Should I sell my vehicle or move it?  Obviously this is one of the first things to consider.  It may be easier (or sometimes cheaper) to simply sell your vehicle and then buy a new one when you arrive at your new home.  In addition, you consider different laws surrounding emissions testing and standards as they can vary from Province to Province and when crossing the border.

Options for Moving Your Car, Truck or SUV:

Option 1:  Moving your vehicle with the contents of your home. 

Option 2:  Shipping it separately.  We work directly with several Auto Movers to ensure your vehicle arrives safely at the destination.

*For more detailed information on our Vehicle Relocation Services please call us at 905-878-2823.

Vehicle Moving Services

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