Frequently Asked Questions


Can I request literature on your company and the services you offer?

Absolutely! Do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email us and request that our literature be sent to your home. We will also be able to tailor prepare a package to meet your specific needs if you know exactly what kind of move (local or long distance) and the services (storage, packing, unpacking, etc)  you will want to have completed by us. 

Why consider Scannell Moving and Storage for your local move?

Scannell Moving and Storage is a family owned and operated company who has been successfully moving families for over 30 years. We are an agent of Atlas Van Lines in good standing, recently winning the Atlas Van Lines 2006 National Quality Service Award. This award was presented to Scannell Moving and Storage as a result of the quality in service we offer to our customers' everyday.

Scannell Moving is a proud supporter of local community sports teams, various community events and fundraisers. Atlas Van Lines is a proud supporter of the Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Many of our staff have been with Scannell Moving for over 20 years and are dedicated to offering the absolute finest in customer care. 

Can your mover provide packing and unpacking services or do I have to pack the boxes myself?

Scannell Moving and all agents for major van lines are able to provide complete packing and unpacking for cartons in your home. Considerable time will be saved by having Scannell Moving provide you with packing services. What can normally take a customer several days and even weeks to pack, we can complete in a day or two. This service is provided at an additional charge. Please speak to our in-home relocation consultant for further details and pricing.

Should you wish to consider packing the cartons yourself, you can save money. Keep in mind though; moving companies will not insure owner packed cartons on both local and long distance moves. 

Can I purchase packing services but unpack the cartons myself?

Yes. Generally, if a customer wishes to unpack the cartons themselves the local destination agent will pick up the empty cartons from your home free of charge

Are your staff trained and experienced?

Absolutely! All Atlas Van Lines and Scannell Moving staff are fully trained and experienced. The only way to have a below industry average claims ratio and outstanding customer service record is to only recruit and hire the best in the industry with experience and know how to get the job done. All of our staff are true professionals in every sense of the word. Upon arriving at your home, our move crews will take charge of the all the details necessary to make your move as stress free as possible. Our crews blend speed, knowledge and professionalism to combine a formula for success.  As a testament of work in action, Scannell Moving and Storage recently won the 2006 Atlas Van Lines National Quality Award for outstanding customer service.

I have some items of extraordinary value, will you move them?

Generally, it is recommended that items such as stamp and coin collections, legal documentation such as passports, wills, etc. jewelry, stock certificates, rare items, currency and any other important documents not be moved on the truck. Since these sorts of items are not covered for loss or damage under the cargo protection / in-transit protection plans. 

How are the moving charges calculated?

Local moving charges are based on an hourly rate. This rate is usually charged from the time we leave our facility, complete the move and return to our facility. Travel time guarantees are available depending on where you live or work and the time of year you are moving.

Long distance moving charges are based on the actual scaled weight of your goods and the distance traveled. Generally, the driver will obtain a "light weight" scale of his truck and contents prior to arriving at your home. After your shipment has been loaded the driver will return to the scale and obtain a "heavy weight" scale. The driver simply subtracts the lighter weight from the heavy scale ticketed weight and now has the actual scaled weight of your goods.

The actual weight of your shipment is then calculated from the Atlas Van Lines tariff and the actual charges for your move are obtained, this in know as the "line haul" portion of your estimate / charges. The remaining charges will be based on valuation coverage, origin and destination surcharges, insurance and fuel surcharges, storage services, packing and unpacking services, etc. All of these charges are again based on the actual scaled weight of your shipment.

Our relocation consultant will be only too please to go over the above details with you in your home. Should you have any remaining questions please feel free to contact us via phone or email us anytime. 

If a mover goes out of their way to advertise that they move pianos, does that make them a better mover than others who do not?

No, it does not. There is a popular misunderstanding that if you hire a mover who can move pianos, then they must be better at moving everything else found in the home. I have found that more of the smaller, independent movers concentrate on this sort of advertising. There is actually more equipment on a standard moving van to move pianos than any other piece of furniture found in your home. Yes, pianos can get heavy. As a result, strong manpower will be needed. Scannell Moving has the know how and understanding to safely move pianos of varying sizes and weights. We do recommend that you have your piano tuned after it has been moved to your new home.

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