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Scannell Moving & Storage provide long distance moving for customers across Canada and the US.  As an agent of Atlas Van Lines we have an exceptionally large fleet of trucks with the ability to move your items safety and security across Canada and throughout the United States.  Scannell Moving & Storage has been providing safe, secure long distance moving for more than 30 years and are proud to have an exceptional Google rating backing this experience.  We are proud to have an exceptional customer service record and have many return customers that appreciate both our service and selection of moving trucks and packing supplies.

Scannell Moving & Storage is family owned and operated firm partnered with 150 agents coast to coast within Canada and over 400 agents throughout the United States. As a long distance moving company our drivers are highly trained and professional with a vested interest in making sure both of your homes are protected during move-in and move-out phases. 

Call us at 905-878-2823 to book your move or to ask us a question!

Long Distance Moving Company within Canada

Moving long distance within Canada?  Moving across the Province or the entire country can be exhausting.  We have everything you need!  Click here>

Canada to USA Moving Company

Moving from Canada to the USA?  We have all the information you need from proper completion of customs forms to what to do with plants and pets.  Click here>

USA to Canada Moving Company

Moving from the USA to Canada?  We have extensive experience moving across borders.  With our fleet of Atlas Van Lines we'll make sure you have everything you need.  Click here>

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Long Distance Moving Company serving clients across Canada and the USA
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