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Moving Your Vehicle

Atlas Van Lines / Scannell Moving and Storage can handle (or make arrangements) for the transportation of your automobile(s) and recreational vehicles. There are several options available depending on your specific situation.

On the Van

  • In most cases at least one of your automobiles can travel on the moving van with your furniture (peak period may be an exception).
  • Your automobile will be properly strapped down and plywood decking is erected to protect the vehicle from other items on board.
  • For moves within Canada the cost is on a per mile basis (exception for remote locations where charges are calculated on a weight basis).
  • For moves to or from the United States, the charges are calculated on a weight basis.
  • Depending on the size, recreational vehicles can travel on the van and charges are calculated on a space occupation basis (cubic space occupied).

By Rail, Auto or Specialty Carrier

  • Items too large for the moving van will be transported by specialty third party carriers.
  • Atlas Van Lines / Scannell Moving and Storage have a network of worldwide third party carriers who can transport automobiles, boats and other recreational vehicles for our customers.
  • We have carefully vetted these service providers to ensure that they are properly licensed and insured.
  • Charges are based on third party charges plus a surcharge for making arrangements and pre-paying service (usually 10% added to cost). In most cases, we can obtain a more “competitive” 3rd party shipping rate than the general public due to our high volume of business thus offsetting any surcharges incurred.

Things to Remember

  • Leased automobiles can only be moved to another city or province with a letter of permission from the leasing company and a copy should be given to the moving consultant.
  • Rarely will a leasing company permit an automobile be moved to or from the United States (or other foreign country).
  • Do not pack any personal items in the automobile to be transported. Only the spare tire and jack should be left in the trunk. Atlas Van Lines / Scannell Moving and Storage or any 3rd party service will not be held responsible for any damage to your vehicle(s) as a result of any loose items left in your vehicle.
  • Give a copy of the ownership, proof of insurance and spare key to your moving consultant, driver or 3rd party carrier.
  • Leave approximately 1/8th a tank of gas in the automobile for loading and off loading purposes.