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3rd Party Services

When recruiting a professional service provider, it is best to hire those who are good at what they do specifically. Movers are experienced at moving furniture; piano tuners are trained to tune pianos. This is why the use of 3rd party service providers is a good practice as part of a total overall and seamless move package. A variety of 3rd party services are available which help to compliment your move, all of which can be arranged through your mover. These services are completed by professionals in their own field. They will arrive at your home prior to your move date and will prepare the specific items in order for the moving company to load them onto the truck. Once your shipment has been delivered to destination, our 3rd party services will arrive to re-install, connect, reassemble, etc. the item(s) that were serviced at origin. 

3rd party services offered:

  • Piano Tuning
  • Appliance & plumbing services
  • Pool table service
  • Chandelier & electrical services
  • Gas line service
  • Large exercise equiipment disassembly and reassembly
  • Grandfather clock service
  • Vehicle transport
  • Pet transport
  • Plant transport
  • Electronics servicing

Please speak to our relocation consultant or contact our office for more details and rates.